Using email marketing to grow your insurance business.


So you’ve been working hard building the client base of your insurance agency for decades now.  You’ve built a solid reputation in the community and things are good…mostly.  But as you stare out your office window on one of those rainy Mondays you begin to wonder if you will always have to push so hard to continue to hold on to what you have.  If only you could find more customers like the ones you have now, some of which have been with you for decades.

So how do you find well qualified prospects that are interested in becoming one of your customers?

Well first, let’s define “well qualified”.  I would say in this scenario that well qualified would be an individual who has a need for a product or service you offer, is willing to purchase that product or service from your company and has the financial resources to do so.

But let’s add one more qualification.  Someone who is already doing business with your agency.  Wait, what?  I mean what could be a more tailor made situation than to have access to potential customers who have a need, are familiar with your company (because they are already a customer) and have the resources to make a purchase?  Enter email marketing.

Opt-In email marketing is where an individual has given you their email address for the purpose of receiving information from your company about the products and services you offer.  So, if you own an insurance agency, it would be beneficial to you to be obtaining the email address for every single customer you come into contact with.  Then, once a month you have a newsletter produced highlighting the various products and services you offer with the focus on the cost savings of multi-policy discounts.  If Mister and Misses Jones have had their auto policy with you for twenty years, let them know about the savings they could receive if they switched over their homeowners policy.