So what’s with the trees?  Well, these aren’t just any trees, they’re Chinese bamboo trees.  I don ‘t know if there is a better symbol for growth and persistence than the narrative about this plant.   You plant the seed for this tree and provide all the needed elements-water, good soil, sunlight, etc. You care for this seedling without an ounce of visible growth for an entire year, then repeat the process for years two, three and four.  Still no visible growth above the soil. 

Sounds like our efforts in business sometimes doesn’t it?  It seems that sometimes we’re doing everything we need to do but there isn’t the tangible results we crave.  Nothing says success like a paycheck.  Still we keep building our business, improving our website and inbound marketing programs, our blogging, making connections and so on. Till one day..,..

Suddenly in year five the Chinese bamboo tree grows eighty feet in six weeks time! 80 feet!! But what was happening those first four plus years?  The seedling was putting down roots. It was growing a foundation that would be able to support an eighty foot tree when it sprouted.  The growth was there, it just wasn’t visible.

In the next series of blog posts we’re going to discuss the specific growth potential for six very specific business types that could benefit by utilizing email marketing. So check back often and see if your type of business is one that we will be discussing.