The insurance industry as a whole still relies heavily on the time-tested use of referrals to obtain new clients for their insurance agency. Hey, if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Well maybe. How about adding in some proven methods from the digital marketing world just to mix things up a little?   Email marketing is by far the most cost effective form of digital marketing for ROI and believe it or not, some of that new business would actually count as a referral.  Follow me for a couple minutes.

The kind of email marketing I am speaking about is called OPT-IN email marketing.  It’s where a person gives you permission to email them information about your company.  You can obtain their email address using a few different methods.  First, if they are a current customer of your insurance agency, you can ask them for their email address the next time you interact with them.  Perhaps, they stopped in to your office to make a payment or they called with a policy question.  Explain to them, that your agency would like to send them a monthly newsletter that will contain suggestions on how they could save money on their insurance premiums.  Who doesn’t love to save money right?

Another way to obtain an email address is to offer some form of relevant content on your website as a free download.  An example being, “5 ways to save money on your Auto Insurance.”   Then, when they go to download the content, they will be taken to a landing page where they have to enter their email address in order to receive the content.

So, once you have a growing number of email addresses you can begin setting up your first monthly email marketing campaign.  It’s great to hire a company like Great Point Media Design to create a professional looking email using Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to generate the newsletter, which when it is sent out will open right in the body of the email.  Your email should be picture heavy and not text heavy.  It should also have a fun element to it. So the email is created with some engaging photos or graphics along with some bullet points and relevant text and it gets sent to your list of subscribers.

Here is where the magic can really happen. Your email recipients can forward your email to their friends or co-workers should they see something (in your email) that may help solve a problem for someone they know. This too is a form of referral.  Email marketing is a great way to keep connected with your current customer base, keep your company name in front of them year round and offer them ways to purchase additional products or services from your agency.

The best part is the reporting tools. A report is generated that tells you how many emails were sent, how many were opened and who opened them. It will also tell you who clicked on links you had in the body of your email and who forwarded the emails to others. It will also measure the emails performance against industry standards so you can make changes in future emails. This is great information to have moving forward.

Email marketing should be another tool in your marketing toolbox that helps you to grow your agency’s bottom line.