How we manage your reputation.

Companies are made by their reputation.  At Great Point Media Design, we have become certified partners with  This proven system has helped thousands of businesses to increase their “star rating” by having a simple, organized process for getting your clients to leave you a positive review.  Today, the number of positive reviews listed for a business can be the deciding factor for a consumer looking to make a purchase.

Which company would you choose?

Your Company Reviews Matter!

In the screenshot provided on the left, a simple Google search was conducted for Landscaping Companies Springfield, MA.  Out of the three top organic results which would you choose if you were a consumer?

The first company listed has no reviews, The second has 9 reviews, but only a 2.3-star rating and the third company, while only having 11 reviews has a 4.5-star rating making them the best choice in this example.

Online reviews and the ability to obtain them has become one of the biggest factors in generating business from online searches.