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Developing your Website


At Great Point Media Design we create professionally written text based on our keyword research conducted during the planning of your website.  Many web designers and developers ask the client to provide the text used on the site.  We realize that many of our clients are busy running their businesses and often times do not have the time to sit down and write out three or four pages of text.

Our professional writing staff has been writing business content for decades and we take the time to research your industry to determine the best keywords to highlight throughout your website.  We have written the text for nearly every one of our websites and are proud to provide well written text that brings a professional representation of our client’s business to the web.

Capturing their attention.


Website design and developers call it a bounce.  That is when a visitor to a website leaves to go to another website shortly after arriving.  The reasons vary, but not by much.  People come to your website to find something- a way to make their life better.  Your company may have a product or service that can help them in some way, but they need a reason to stay on your website.

Can they easily find the information they are looking for?  Can they easily find information about how to contact you right on the Home Page of your website?  Do you have images and other pleasing aesthetic elements that are pleasing to the eye?  Does it capture the attention of your target audience?  Answering no to any of these four questions can mean that you are losing business.


Images that tell a story

During the development of your website, the selection of images is critical.  Images are what capture the attention of your visitors and cause them to click on different pages of your website.  The images on your website help to tell the story about your company.  At Great Point Media Design, we put a lot of thought and effort into the selection of the images.

Whenever possible we like to use your actual job site photos, whether it is an image of your office building, the interior of your hair salon or a home you’ve built.  Showcasing the work you’ve done is a big factor in helping visitors to your website…become customers.