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A Passion for all things Creative


At Great Point Media Design, we have over thirty-five years of experience in advertising design and content creation. We have designed over one hundred websites over the past fourteen years for clients all over the country.  Our competitive advantage comes from the fact that we are published authors and have a deep understanding of how to write with an emphasis on industry-related keywords, helping our customers get found by the ever-changing search engines.

Design Experience

 From web design to content creation to print advertising, logo design, email marketing, and more, Great Point Media Design has experience in the many facets of advertising and marketing design.  Good design captures the attention of your target audience and delivers the message about the products and services your company offers.

Pro Copy Writing

In Web Design, the ability to write effective text can be the difference between getting found by Search Engines (SEO) and not ranking at all.  The use of industry-related keywords throughout the website cannot be overstated.  Great Point Media Design has experience in professional copywriting, ghostwriting for blog posts, etc as well as writing for professional ad agencies from everything from online articles to corporate memos, online book reviews, and catalog descriptions.

Marketing Sense

Having a strong marketing sense in both design and copywriting is critical in the hyper-competitive digital landscape we live in today.  Designs must tell a story that is reflective of what your company does and how they do it.  Being able to select just the right image that compliments a web page or another form of digital marketing is crucial.  We pride ourselves on our effective use of imagery to market your company.