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How much noise can your business make?

In the hyper-competitive business landscape we work in, business owners must put out regular content on their social media channels in order to stay relevant.  They need to post pictures of their crowded restaurant, or a special dessert they are serving.  If they build houses, they need to show homes in various stages of construction.  Posts need to involve readers and one of the best ways to do that is to ask questions.  One Real Estate Agent posts pictures of various elements of a house, like a super luxurious master bedroom, and asks an involvement question to his audience.

Posts don’t have to be overly fancy, in fact, they can be quite simple…they do however need to be consistent and come at regular intervals to keep their followers engaged.

Logo Design

Your company logo needs to be recognizable. It is often the first thing people notice when they see an advertisement. Your logo needs to stand out.  Great Point Media Design has created dozens of logos for many types of businesses.

logo design-nantucket

logo -design-mass

archway house logo

mad dog threads logo

logo created Valley Cleaning

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logo creation-cape-cod-ambulance

logo creation Nantucket Caretaking Services

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